Can I publish my book with damnage publishing? PDF

I'm sorry, but damnage isn't currently accepting any submissions for anything.


Mainly because it would be unfair to you if I did.

I work a full-time job in addition to running this web site/server. I barely have the time to publish my own books, let alone time to give to publish and promote yours. If I tried, I could almost guarantee you'd be short-changed by my efforts. I barely sleep now, and if I had to devote time to promoting something you've written, simple things like eating and sleeping would be a memory for me.

Since I don't accept any outside submissions for work, you may be tempted to send me ideas for stories. Please don't. I have plenty of ideas, believe me - I don't need more. I barely have time to develop the ones I'm working on. I also never, ever want to be accused of plagiarism, which is where the scenario of some one sending me an idea for a story would likely end up. Even if you know in your heart that it wouldn't, I'm not willing to take that chance. If you feel your idea is that good, you should take the time to explore it and write it out. I did it. I do it. So can you. If you're worried about where to start, how grammar works, or the thousand other questions that can come up when beginning a piece of work, I would suggest reading On Writing by Stephen King and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creative Writing by Laurie E. Rozakis. There's no shortage of books out there on the subject of creative writing, but I feel these two books were especially useful to me when I began to get serious about it.

I can't speak for the distant future. Circumstances may change, and I make be looking to take on new authors, but for right now, damnage publishing is closed to submissions.