Mallery - my wife, my muse, and one true love! We were married at Genetti's in Wilkes-Barre, PA on 11/11/11. Check out her Facebook profile.

Charlotte's Web Site - my mom's photography web site. Sadly, I lost my mom - the best friend I ever knew - on 01/01/2016. As long as damnage networks remains online, I will leave her web site up and running in her memory. She worked very hard to put together the content of Charlotte's Web Site and she was very proud of it. She loved to show it off to people. I still love to show it to people. She was a very talented photographer. She was the best mother. I miss her.

Westgate Press - visit our friends, Leilah and Daniel for inspiration and information about Azrael, The Angel of Death! Be sure to check out the world-famous Obitchuaries Forum when you're there. They also have books, music, and more...

The BlackList Top 100

The BlackList Top 100 - my first online project. I started it up like fifteen years ago, and I still maintain it on this server. Just please keep in mind that it's an open, public forum, and the all the links lead to sites outside of damnage!

Simple Ceremonies of NEPA - Licensed professional wedding officiates, bringing old time family traditional standards to today's generation.

Fedora - the technology that runs all this. Damnage is a series of servers and networks run by Linux in the flavor of Fedora. It's fun, it's free, and it's open source.  

Ubuntu - another favorite flavor of Linux. This one, in my opinion, is more suited to a desktop environment. I run my laptop on it, and it can do pretty much everything it used to do under Windows, and more. Ubuntu, like Fedora, is also free and open source software. It'll replace Windows as the world's most popular operating system someday...


Bitwig Studio - My favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in the world. It's still in its infancy at version 1.0, but it's powerful! Best of all - it's native to Linux. Actually, it's cross-platform comaptible, so it works in Linux, Mac, and Windows. Bitwig Studio was made by some of the people who originally designed Ableton Live, and these guys have improved upon their original vision. I can't speak for Mac or Windows, but in Ubuntu, it's hands-down the best way to make music