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Dead Angels Bleed: A Defiant New Novel of Death Fiction PDF

Dead Angels Bleed Paperback

Dead Angels Bleed is the story of Jacob, a man with the power of life and death over every living thing on the planet and his complex relationship with Azrael, the Angel of Death.

Years in the making, Dead Angels Bleed grabs the reader by the balls, and leads them down the streets and alleyways of a damned existence.

One of only a handful of novels to be set in the city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communities, it reflects a world where angels question the existence of a God, and their roles in the lives of humanity, Dead Angels will capture your attention and imagination, and refuse to let it go, right up to its merry-go-coaster whirlwind ending.

The novel is currently available for purchase from Amazon.Com for $19.95 US in an exclusive edition (282 pages bound as a 6" x 9" trade paperback - ISBN 978-0557292226) which features the first chapter from the forthcoming novel, Temptation's Despair.

Dead Angels Bleed is also available for download in Amazon's Kindle Store.

Would you like to have a signed copy of the novel? We can do that! Damnage Publishing is now in Amazon's Marketplace offering signed copies of Dead Angels Bleed for $19.95 US. Currently, we can only ship within the continental United States for a flat rate of $3.99 US. Please see Damnage Publishing's Amazon listing for the novel for more information.

Dead Angels Bleed is also available for sale on Amazon.co.uk in the United Kingdom for £12.71.

The standard paperback version of the novel (pictured) is now available through Barnes & Noble for $19.95 US under ISBN 9780557310708 . It weighs in at 274 pages and is offered as a large, easy to read trade paperback at 6" x 9". You can either order the novel through their web site, or - better yet, save yourself some money on shipping and order it through your local Barnes & Noble store if it's not on their shelves already! If it isn't stocked in your local Barnes & Noble - ask 'em to stock it!

Just to clarify, the standard version of the novel is what's available everywhere, and if you're going to order it from a book store, ISBN 9780557310708 is the ISBN you should ask for. If you ask for it by title, the standard version will be what you get.

The novel is also available for purchase, in its standard version, from Amazon in Canada, France, Germany/Austria, and Japan. You can also purchase Dead Angels Bleed in India (and many other countries in Europe and Asia - also Australia) through Infibeam.

Dead Angels Bleed can also be purchased, worldwide, (with free shipping!) from The Book Depository...

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I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Azrael is the only angel who never sings...

My Darkest Hours: A Book of Poetry and Prose PDF

My Darkest Hours Paperback

Poetry's soul is in the suffering.

This is a collection of times and places in my life when I'd felt I was in emotional turmoil and had to try to put those feelings into words. These are my darkest hours, and I'd like to share them with you.

Now available for purchase on Amazon.Com for $9.95 US!

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Includes the short story, The Wrong Way, and a carefully crafted selection of poetry.

The collection is available as a 6" x 9" trade paperback. It weighs in at 44 pages and is priced at $9.95 US.

My Darkest Hours will be made available in a very limited distribution on Amazon.Com, and there are no plans for it to be made available anywhere else at this time.

Damnage Publishing also offers signed copies of the book in Amazon's Marketplace for $9.95 US (+$3.99 flat-rate shipping).

...some things are hidden, some are forbidden, and the rest shall keep as they are.

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